France - Leather exports grew by 6% in 2016

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French leather industry representative body, the Conseil National du Cuir, has said the sector’s exports grew by 6% in 2016 to reach €9.9 billion, reports Leatherbiz

Italy had the biggest share of France’s leather exports with 14% of the value, while 10% was from shipments to the US, and 9.5% from French leather and leathergoods exported to Hong Kong. Each of these three markets grew in value for French tanners and leathergoods manufacturers, by 6%, 1% and 9% respectively. 

The Conseil National du Cuir said it was also greatly encouraged by growth in exports to Singapore, where revenues grew by 53% last year to €782 million.

France’s leather industry comprises 9,400 companies and has a total turnover of €25 billion. It employs 130,000 people, including those employed in leathergoods retail.