China wet salted cattle hides imports statistics in March

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China has registered a hide-import March with value of $163 million, 8.39% above February.

The data for imported wet salted hides in March has shown the expected growth, but weaker. It’s expected that the import growth in April will slow down.


Worth noting, import amount, quantity and count in March have both reached their records since November 2016.


USA continued to be the largest exporter in March, representing 54.36% of the total share, followed by Australia (12.4%).


In terms of price, HTS 62/70 lbs has been sliding since the APLF, while dairy cows/ cows are still able to hold their price. The popular opinion among the market is that the demand for cows has slowed down, and the price begins to soft. According to data in the same period of last year, along with the fact that busy season for shoe leather and bag leather is over, the cow price is expected to be downward direction.