Closed-loop Liming and Chrome Tanning Systems in Full-scale Wet Blue Manufacture

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Closed-loop Liming and Chrome Tanning

Systems in Full-scale Wet Blue Manufacture.

Operational Management, Technical

and Environmental Advantages


Richard Daniels,1 Jiasheng Su,2 Falei Zhang2 and Zhuangdou Zhang2

1Greentech + Associates,

Northampton, UK


Shangqui City, Henan Prov., China

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This Technical Paper, received and accepted October 12, 2018, was presented at the 114th Annual Convention of the American Leather Chemists

Association, June 19-22, 2018.



Closed-loop liming/unhairing and chromium tanning systems are now established for the full-scale manufacture of bovine wet blue leathers. The technology ensures full recovery and reuse of

the concentrated used processing f loats, and four major tanneries are now producing some 72,000 hides per week as high quality wet blue leathers from salted American, European and Australian wet salted hides. These are for their own use, sales, and contract tanning.

In practice there are no discharges or washings for effluent treatment from either the liming/unhairing or the acid/salt pickle and chromium tanning processes. Accordingly, there is

no chemical wastage from these two major stages within leather making. There are significant saving in processing chemicals –lime, sodium sulfide/hydrosulfide, salt, acids, chromium

tanning agents and water too. The problems associated with treating waste waters from these two environmentally difficult stages are thus totally avoided.

Based on independent on-site surveys1 within each of these four tanneries, this paper shows how the technology is managed in practice. In particular it shows how the process stabilizes within

these processing loops, and how a continuous increase in neutral salts is avoided.



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